Johnny, Romeo, & Ian

Who doesn’t love a triple treat? Today’s update has Ian Dempsey, Johnny Forza, and Romeo James. Ian is in the middle, getting kisses from both studs. He’s even the first to go shirtless. There’s more smooching as the studs strip. Ian’s tool is plump and ready to play. Romeo leans in and nibbles on Ian’s chest. Johnny then grabs Ian’s meat and puts kisses on those sweet lips. Ian is such a lucky fella to be getting all of this attention.

The three naked performers make out, with Ian getting most of the attention. Notice how turned on he is? His toes are curling in. LOL!
Johnny and Romeo stand up, with Ian on his knees. The lucky devil gets two sausages to service. He goes back and forth, deep throating as much as possible. Johnny and Ian are pleased with Ian’s skills. Plus, doesn’t Ian’s cute factor increase by 20 with dick in his mouth?

Ian gets on his back. He keeps Johnny’s johnson in his mouth. Romeo sucks on Ian’s rod and fingers that little butt. It’s about time Ian got some oral loving. His meat is close to bursting. Romeo’s finger spreads open that man hole, getting it prepped for a royal stuffing. As for Johnny, he makes sure Romeo’s lips cover his entire shaft. After all that fingering, it’s time for Ian to get plowed. He gets on his hands and knees, and Romeo enters in one motion. From the start, Romeo fucks balls deep. Ian’s grunts are stifled because his throat is constricted with Johnny’s tool. Romeo gives those pale a cheeks a slap to let Ian know who owns that ass.  The trio realize that Johnny has been left out of the fun. Sure his little big Johnny has been sucked, but who doesn’t want some tight male tail?

Ian gets on his side, with Romeo getting back in. Johnny gets behind Romeo, his pud breaking Romeo’s seal. Each time Romeo pounds Ian, his own booty gets busted by Johnny. Getting it in the front and back. Poor Romeo. He looks so conflicted. Blissed and pleasantly hurt at the same time.

Ian busts first, his man milk filling up his belly button. Romeo pulls out and lets Johnny drill him. This causes Romeo’s load to splatter the black sheets. Johnny is next, his cum coating Romeo’s hairy thighs. The scene closes with sighs and kissing. The three amigos are spent!

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Johnny, Romeo, & Ian 


Ayden and Ian

Back so soon! Our boy Ian has returned for another BSB session. This time he’s in the capable hands of BSB veteran Ayden.  They lounge shirtless on the bed. Ayden shares his current hardships and recounts his first experience with sucking dick.

Not pleasurable in any way,” Ian describes. “It feels like you’re getting choked out, and that’s pretty much it. Dick in your mouth.”

Poor Ian is anxious and doesn’t really know what to expect.

They strip down and hop back on the bed. Ian is semi erect so Ayden gets right to sucking his dick. He’s slow and intentional, licking the shaft and sucking the head softly. Ayden described sucking dick as “not pleasurable in any way” but this time he looks like he might be enjoying it. He explores Ian’s body, licking his stomach, nipples and pits. Ayden is on fire! He really shows Ian how a master does it.

Ian dives into the deep end and swallows Ayden’s cock like a pro. His technique is great; Ian is a natural cocksucker. He slurps, licks, sucks and even takes it deep. Ayden gives his thumbs up.
“Oh, shit,” Ayden moans.

Ayden stands up and Ian gets on his knees. Occasionally looking up to see Ayden’s face, Ian is confident that he’s doing a good job. As he sucks Ayden, Ian jacks his own dick. He kisses Ayden’s shaft and balls. Soon he releases and intense load on the black sheets.

“Spit on it,” Ayden demands.

Ayden starts to jerk his dick in front of Ian, who keeps his mouth
open. Ayden’s load lands on Ian’s nose. All is well that ends with two good nuts.

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Ayden & Ian

Ian Shows Off

Gentlemen, this is Ian! He’s a homegrown boy from Idaho. He’s been roughing it since his parents kicked him out. He’s tired of couch surfing and is desperate to make some money. He heard about BSB through the grapevine. We don’t care how got here, we’re just glad he found us. He keeps is body fit and tight by staying active. He’s a former swimmer, has a nice cock, sweet ass and a winning smile. What’s not to like about him.

Just as Ian is getting into the groove, Clay asks Ian to show his booty hole. This is a foreign concept to him; he says he’s never played with his hole while he jacked off. He had a nice hole. It’s a shame for a thing of beauty like that to go to waste.

Ian admits that this environment isn’t his typically ambiance when he’s about to rub one out. Needless to say he’s a bit nervous. He grabs some lube and marinates his meat. As he strokes he closes his eyes and slowly but surely he relaxes. His dick swells more and more and his balls throb as he gets closer to his release. After a bit he decides to lay on his back. His face is  flushed and he breathes deeply. You can tell a big one is coming because he can’t even close his mouth.

“I’m going to cum,” he whispers.

His cock spews a huge load of hot cum on his chest and sexy flat, tan belly.

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