BoyGusher – Cameron and Mark

Mark jerking Cameron off!

We have for your pleasure the exciting conclusion to Cameron and Mark’s sexual adventure. Cameron just sucked Mark’s cock to completion and now it’s Mark’s turn to give Cameron the pleasure that he just received. He doesn’t waste any time, he is on that tight toned body of Cameron’s as soon as his last drop of cum hits his body. He begins by licking Cameron’s body from top to bottom as Cameron moans and jerks on his big fuck stick. If Mark was licking your body you’d be moaning in pleasure and happiness as well.

Nipple play before sucking

Mark knows his way around a cock and shows off his cock sucking and jerking techniques as Cameron moans and groans. It isn’t too long until he is on his knees shoving his big cock in and out of Mark’s face. He relaxes a bit and stretches out on the bed, but Mark isn’t letting go of that hard cock he continues to suck and jerk on it like the cum slut that he is. He reaches up and begins to play with his nipples jerking on his cock making Cameron moan and grab his hear to help him gobble up his cock.

Lick it boy!


Broke College Boys – Jake & Cameron




Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I’m hanging out with Jake Wood and Cameron. Jake has a layover and he stopped in at the house. He loves hanging out with us and partying. He has met quite a few of our guys and loves them all. Cameron is a new friend he just met and they are hanging in the kitchen chilling out getting to know each other. Cameron is still in school and of course looking for some college cash. Jake needs to find more money for his plane tickets home. This is starting to sound like pretty easy pickings to me. I just came out and asked them if they wanted to screw around and I even asked Jake to offer a price, and that I’d bargain down after I heard it.

We settled on $800.00 and they jumped right into the action. Jake has his hands on Cameron and gets him stripped to the waist fast, both of these boys have semi hard cocks so when Jakes pants come off we see his bulging crotch, as Cameron sneaks his way into it. He works those undies down slowly kissing and licking his way to the best part, and takes that semi hard cock into his mouth after licking his ballsack to suck on it.

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Broke College Boys – Richie And Cameron



Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. Today is special and things are not going to go the way they usually do. We are having a mini party and we called in a stripper. This video is about what happens when a stripper and three boys are let loose in the living room.
As we watch our sexy stripper doing his thing on the pole we had erected in the living room the boys actually seem bored. Are they really bored or are they trying to repress those sexual urges in front of the other boys of the house.

After watching the stripper doing his dance in his white undies it seems all the boys are still a bit up tight even though they are putting a few dollars in his pants. It is Cameron that actually lets loose first when the stripper pulls him up on stage and begins to have his way with him ever so lightly.

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