Califuckinfornia – Colton Reece -amp; Austin Avery

In the van and back on the road, Josh is shocked and judgmental about Dan's ease and comfort with having random sex with strangers. Dan tells him to loosen up and their argument leads to a real conversation about love, their lives and relationships. On the way, they take a small detour to Dan's buddy Colton Reece's cabin in the woods, where they pick up a horny little hitchhiker named Austin Avery and introduce him to Colton. Later that night, Josh can't rest and comes out of the room he's sharing with Dan only to discover Colton and Austin having sex in the den by the light of the fireplace and goes back to bed. Colton eats Austin's perky ass and gets it slick and wet with his tongue, primed for his fat cock to open him up and bareback the hole of this needy little nomad. Austin has a thick one too and they swap blowjobs till Austin demands Colton's big dick in his eager butt. The fireside fuck fest continues as Austin rides Colton's beer can to a cum splattering climax on the floor.

Locker Load – Jack Dyer -amp; JD Travis

When JD Travis joined this gym, he wasn't sure if it would be a good fit for a guy his age. He was worried that it'd just be a bunch of young guys and that the place wouldn't really feel welcoming for him, but as soon as he meets Jack Dyer in the locker room, he realizes he's picked the perfect spot to work out his tension. Jack's got a great body, and JD suspects that he likes to squeeze in a little bit of extra work here in the locker room. Squeezing it in is just what Jack has in mind, as he eyes JD's hole when he bends over, and if he has his way, JD is about to get the workout he's been waiting for and wanting for so, so long.Enjoy!

Fistpack 22 – Fists Away – Sky Devil -amp; Ricky Sinz

Ricky Sinz is one mean motherfucker, so we knew we were going toget something over the top when we cast his fist against one of thebiggest ass holes on earth. Sky Devil was up for the challenge andtakes Ricky's cock like a true stud. With each stroke, Ricky poundsdeeper and deeper in to Sky Devil, getting his hole ready for hisblack-clad fist. In a rare fisting role, Ricky Sinz takes real pleasure inopening up Sky Devil's ass, exposing his beautiful big wet sloppy redhole. Fully prepped, Ricky strings Sky Devil up to get maximumpenetration. Alternating fists, Ricky punch fucks Sky's ass into agaping maw, as thick ropes of glistening lube flow steadily to the floor.Finally, Ricky hoists Sky Devil over his shoulder, fist still held tight byDevil's sphincter, before throwing him on his back for a finallypounding, culminating in an explosive cum shot all over Sky Devil'saching balls!

Give Me That Big Dick – Clay Towers -amp; Aaron Trainer

Clay Towers is hanging out in his bed wating for Aaron Trainer to arrive while he talks on the phone with a friend. Clay is excited to be fucked by his big dick. Aaron arrives and they waste no time in getting naked and Clay begins to worship that big fat cock of his. He loves every inch of that hard cock in his mouth as he feels the ridges and throb of it. Arron spreads those legs and gets his ass nice and lubed up with spit so he can ease his cock in. Aaron pushes his big cock into Clay's tight ass and it slowly opens up for him. Once he is balls deep he begins to thrust in and out making Clay moan with pleasure. Aaron fucks Clay all over the bed until he fucks the cum right out of him and than he shoots his load all over Clay.

Boyfriends – Ari Silvio -amp; Troy Haydon

A high-powered executive, Ari Sylvio needed a little break from the office grind by taking lunch at The Nob Hill Theater, a legendary San Francisco institution of sexual depravity. Alone in the dark theater, Ari is enjoying the movie when tattooed British hunk Troy Haydon walks in and starts checking him out. Only one problem: both Troy and Ari are in long-term relationships with other men. But like so many others ' they're bored with what they've got. They both find themselves at a crossroads: Do they stay or do they go? As Troy slides into the seat next to Ari, licks his palm and starts jacking him off. ' it's not too hard to imagine what they both decided: Right off the bat, their sexual chemistry is explosive! Kissing, sucking & fucking in public: notusually the template for a budding romance, but something that afternoon clicked!

Manuel’s lost tape – Pascal -amp; Manuel Deboxer

Nobody knows that I lost half of the Office Suck shooting I did with Manuel Deboxer and the edit I was able to put online was only a small part of it. I recently found the entire original footage while cleaning up an old hard drive. So for the first time I am able to present to you what was intended to be. I always had a big crush on Manuel and it showed in the scenes we did together. The fun and chemistry was always present and I cannot describe the way I felt in his presence. If you ask me who I'd like to have as a boyfriend, Manuel is my number one choice. He's so masculine, muscular, hairy yet clean and trimmed, some tattoos and a large uncut cock. That's all I'm asking! I'm so excited to present to you for the first time the entire shooting I did with Mr Deboxer! Enjoy! :)

Hot As Fuck – FX Rios -amp; Max Gianni

Max Gianni's muscular thighs are defined in all the right places. He enters the room naked, shadowed by FX Rios, who can't keep his hands off Max's smooth ass. They face each other and kiss. FX sits on a box and his ripped abs throw shadows as he watches Max inhale his cock with total commitment. Max's lips tug FX's foreskin taut, so you can see the veins. The combination of Max's tongue, lips and hand stimulates every part of FX's cock and balls. But, FX keeps his eye on the prize: Max's bubble butt. He can't wait to touch it, taste it and fill it. Max can't wait to feel FX's pole inside him, and he takes every inch. Twisting his nipple ring, Max grabs his cock and squirts parallel streams of cum across his smooth torso. FX's does the same, coating Max's face, chest and neck with semen and feeding him the last drop.

Califuckinfornia – Dakota Payne -amp; Dick Dawson

At a roadside gas station, Dakota Payne and Dick Dawson are going for it in the glory hole stall. Moving on from mere blowjobs, Dick eats Dakota's hot ass and then barebacks him all over the bathroom: on the toilet, up against the wall and in front of the urinals, shoving his long, uncut cock deep inside Dakota's hungry little hole. 'You want me to wreck that pussy?' Dick asks. 'Yeah, wreck that pussy!' Dakota replies and Dick obliges, banging Dakota without mercy till they are both spraying their hot jizz all over each other's faces in explosive orgasms that echo off the bathroom walls.

Versatile Fur – Chase Ryder -amp; Jax Hammer

Chase Ryder and Jax Hammer are making out in their bedroom and soon the love begins to heat up as their hands explore each other's bodies. They take turns worshiping each other's throbbing cocks and fall easily into a loving 69 where they gag with love and moan with pleasure. They take turns fucking each other until they both erupt in a passion of love leaving warm juices all over the bedroom.