Romeo Fucks Skyler

Two of the finest Texans to walk this planet are about to collide, all for the love of money. Skyler and Romeo are going to fuck. This is Romeo’s very first time fucking another guy. The first time I saw him doing his solo, I knew the moment would come. Skyler has some concerns, he feels like he’s been getting fucked a lot lately and he’s not sure how he feels about that. Romeo is a bit anxious to actually stick his fat cock inside something that isn’t a mouth or a pussy.

“I don’t know what to expect,” Romeo says.

Our southern studs strip down to nothing and start to jerk each other off. Romeo then leans over and takes Skyler in his mouth. After a few minutes of sucking, Skyler’s dick is rock hard.

“That’s pretty quick,” the cameraman says to Romeo. “We’ll have to hire you as a fluffer.”

After some good old fashioned deep throating Skyler gives Romeo a break and begins to slurp and swallows Romeo’s dick. He takes no prisoners as he uses his lips, mouth, and throat to dominate Romeo’s throbbing cock.

“Oh, fuck,” Romeo moans.

Skyler deep throats with gusto, making sure his nose nuzzles Romeo’s pubes. All of this sucking
gets Romeo ready for the main course. Skyler hands him a condom. As he puts it on, Skyler places
lube in his canal. He gets in the doggie style position, and Romeo saddles up.

Our new top doesn’t give Skyler a chance to get used to anything. He slams inside, balls deep from the start. Skyler whimpers and grits his teeth. When told he backs up his fine ass.

“Oh, fuck,” Skyler whimpers.

“You like that,” Romeo asks.

Skyler doesn’t respond, but Romeo doesn’t care. He wants to mark that hole. Skyler gets on his back, and Romeo continues to pound away. The fucking gets faster, pushing  Skyler over the edge. His load explodes and coats his pale stomach. Romeo pulls out jerks a big old load that mixes with Skyler’s man milk.

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Romeo & Skyler

Kaden & Skyler

Kaden has returned! It’s good to know that we didn’t scare him away. On today’s BSB adventure veteran, Skyler, joins our newbie Kaden. Not only does he have a charming smile, but Kaden also has a few important bills pending.

“Cops like me a lot so they like to give me these tickets, invitations to court,” Kaden says to the cameraman. “So I’m going to pay my cover charge to court.”

Kaden is understandably nervous. This is his very first taste of the delicacy known throughout the world. A meat so delicious that it’s flavor satiates the appetites of men and women alike; dick. Skyler reminisces about his first taste.

“I felt like crying, but didn’t,” Skyler says.

Kaden is optimistic when asked what he thinks cock will taste like.

“It will probably taste like skin,” Kaden responds. “Cock doesn’t have a flavor. Unless it’s chocolate.”

Skyler smiles and warns is new buddy.

“It tastes a little different than you think,” he insists.

The guys get things started, strip down to nothing and commence with getting those dicks nice and hard for each other. As their meat swells they give each other a hand, and slowly jack each other off. Skyler decides to show this new kid the true meaning of a blowjob. Kaden gives Skler a perfect ten!

“He gives a better blow job than a chick,” Kaden explains.

Skyler isn’t shy and he doesn’t hold back. He takes Kaden’s thick dick in his mouth, deep throats it, sucks the head, and licks the shaft. We hope Kaden was taking notes because soon it’s his turn at bat. Kaden grabs Skyler’s cock and begins to suck it like he’s been doing it for years. He slurps hard and sucks it like he’s trying to suck out the sweet nectar trapped inside. Skyler is pleased.

“Oh fuck,” Skyler moans.

Skyler decides he wants some more of Kaden’s cock and begins to slurp on it as he strokes his wet dick. Kaden reels from Skyler’s wet warm mouth all over his fat cock.

The pleasure is written all over his handsome mug. Skyler continues to jerk and soon he reaches his peak.

“I’m about to cum,” Skyler announces.

Skyler’s seed shoots far beyond his torso and lands on Kaden’s side. Kaden starts to jack himself, he’s very eager to release the cream inside. Soon enough he shoots a thick load on his sexy stomach.

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Kaden & Skyler

Romeo & Skyler

BSB newbie Romeo is back! This time he’s going to learn an important life skill; cock sucking. Our bro Skyler is no stranger to a fat dick in his throat so he shares a few words of wisdom, from one straight boy to another.

“Just put it in your mouth,” Skyler says. “Go up and down. And suck like it’s a straw.”

Our sexy buds get shirtless, pull their dicks out and begin to play with them. Skyler leans in to get the party started and starts sucking Romeo. Romeo looks extremely taken aback, he is pleasantly surprised by Skyler’s pole sucking prowess. Skyler strokes his meat as he deep throats Romeo’s like the rent is due.

They slide their jeans off and get a little more comfortable on the couch. Romeo begins to stroke Skyler as appreciation for the excellent service. Soon it’s Romeo’s turn at bat and the moment his sweet lips touch Skyler’s throbbing cock it is clear that he knocked it out of the park. Skyler pulls him up for an unexpected kiss.  Romeo continues to slob and slurp on Romeo’s cock.

“Your jaw hurt,” Clay wonders.

“Yeah. My eyes are watering,” Romeo answers.

He returns to the servicing Skyler.

“Fuck,” Skyler whimpers.

Skyler decides the highly skilled amateur needs a break and begins to suck and slurp on Romeo’s meat again. Skyler sucks on the head, strokes it, then deep throats it. Before you know it Romeo utters those famous last words.

“I’m about to cum,” he pleads.

Moments later Skyler shoots a piping hot load all over Romeo’s chest. The boys move things to the shower to recap their liaison and evaluate their cock sucking skills. Romeo proclaims that Skyler sucks dick better than a girl. When asked is he’s interested in doing more scenes, Romeo gets a little quiet but says that he’s open to it. Looks like we might be seeing more of this one.

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Romeo & Skyler

Liam Corolla & Skyler Daniels

Newbie Skyler Daniels makes a quick return to the BSB couch and sitting next to him is Liam Corolla. He’s been away from our studio way, WAY, too long. :-) His hair is bushier than last time and there are more tats on his arm (he insists he got a bargain for the art). Outside of that, he continues to exude the old charm.

“I’ve got three dollars to my name and I miss Clay,” Liam explains on why he is back in front of the BSB camera.

His pocket problems are due to no work. There’s a story about sexual harassment, but let’s leave that alone. :-) Skyler’s job prospects have not increased. To fatten his wallet, he’s willing to allow Liam to suck his dick.

The broke boys take off their clothes, and start beating their meat. Liam always gets hard first, so his tool is ready to play. He reaches over and strokes Skyler’s hefty dong.

“It’s OK. It’s decent,” Skyler says when asked how Liam’s hand is.

“Only decent,” Liam whines in mock horror, giving Skyler a playful tummy slap.

Skyler stands up and Liam hits his knees. Look how he looks up at Skyler. All horny and submissive. He opens his mouth and begins to suck Skyler’s pole. In a few seconds Skyler has his hand on Liam’s hair. A sign someone is enjoying a blow job.

Liam hasn’t lost a lick since we’ve last seen him. Lapping the dick gently, using his tongue, deep throating. He attempts the New Orleans bounce, shaking that ravishing booty. Alas, he fails miserably but that ass remains a scrumptious treat. :-) If he stays around, hopefully he will let someone bust it good. You know that’s what he really wants! LOL!

The boys get back on the couch. Skyler’s johnson is standing straight up. Makes it real easy to fit into Liam’s mouth.

“What do you think about giving him a helping hand,” Clay suggests to Skyler.

The newbie isn’t sure at first.

“Only fair,” Liam says, his lips coated with spit and pre-cum.

Skyler reaches over and tugs at Liam’s woody. The strokes are tentative, but gather a rhythm. Skyler’s moans can barely be heard over Liam’s smacking. The newbie is getting the type of oral love only delivered by experts. Although Liam doesn’t deep throat, his tongue slathers all over the head and shaft. Everything is wet and juicy.

If Skyler were not a newbie, he would grab Liam and plant a sloppy kiss on those lips. It might shock Liam at first, but he would eagerly kiss back. Skyler will learn the cues as he goes along. LOL!!

“Fuck,” Skyler moans.

Liam gets on one knee, slobbering all over the pogo stick. He jerks Skyler while licking the pink head. You won’t believe your eyes but both dudes nut at the same time. Skyler’s load shoots straight up, plopping all over his chest. Liam, who has been jerking himself,nuts all over Skyler’s leg.

“That’s a lot of cum,” Liam notes.

It was. What should these two do next to lose some more man nectar?


Skyler shows off

Dear Pizza Hut: why would you let go of a sexy dude like Skyler Daniels? Sure we here at BSB will treat him better than you, but still. If pizza is your business a lot of pervs would order up a whole bunch of pies to have this cutie make a delivery! LOL!

Of course if Skyler is doing the delivery he might have a taste before the goods get to you! LOL! That’s OK. As long as her permits a mouthful of something else.

The lad is single. Hard to keep a lady when you’re unemployed. His jerking history began when he was 12. Like most newbies he’s a little nervous, but the lad has a charming personality. And his Texan twang would make most people drop their pants if asked. :-)

When he takes off his clothes, Skyler has a dark bush around his 7 inch dick. There’s also a lot of hair under his arms. His skinny legs are furry and fuzzy too. Wait until you see his hairy hole. Like a good southern lad he politely plays with it when asked.

He’s non-dramatic when it comes to jerking. Gets hard and his 7 inches of meat look perfectly formed for a mouth. Those nipples also need to be in a oral cavity.

As he keeps stroking, he’s forgotten about the camera. Just wants to get off. His breathing turns shallow and when Skyler gets close he bites his lips. When Skyler grunts, watch out baby! That first man juice spurt hits his face and hair.