Paul Canon, Scott Harbor and John Silver

Before today’s update, Scott Harbor and John Silver have only done solos. The roommates are joined by the always cheerful Paul Canon. Mr. Paul is tired of taking the bus. To earn some funds he has agreed to suck the two newbies off. “I heard he was a good dick sucker,” Scott says to the cameraman. The roomies apparently live in a den of raunch because they sent to BSB a video of John laying pipe to a lass. Scott was the director of that cinematic treat. Anyone want to bet Scott was jealous of John’s costar? :-) The three guys lose their clothes and Paul goes down on Scott first. Poor John is left by his lonesome, but his johnson must enjoy the show because it’s straight up in no time.

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Johnny Forza and Carson Hawk

Today’s pairing is an early Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa gift to those in BSB land. Johnny Forza, the stud from New Jersey, is going to pop Carson Hawk’s cherry. “I don’t like sundaes,” the newbie says. Does anyone really believe Carson doesn’t like sundaes? Like him, they are simply scrumptious. :-) “How are you feeling about getting violated,” the cameraman asks Carson. “I’m feeling it’s certainly going to be violating,” Carson wittily replies. “You have a nice ass, so I think it’s going to look really good,” the cameraman notes.

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Ayden Troy and Alex Case

Today we have Ayden Troy and Alex Case sharing a bed. “We’re here to initiate Alex into dick sucking,” the cameraman says. Ayden turns to Alex and offers encouragement. “It’s going to be OK,” Ayden says as he pats Alex on the head. While we are talking about head, what happened to Ayden’s curly locks? Do you miss them :-) It takes both lads a long time to strip because its cold outside. All those layers! There’s some talk about Ayden’s underwear, but all that ends when he reaches over to fondle Alex’s junk. “Deep breaths,” Ayden recommends.

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Adam Baer and Kodi

Kodi is many things, but he’s never given off the brawler vibe. That’s why it’s easy to feel a little sorry for him at the start of this video with Adam Baer. Kodi is working real hard to wrestle Adam, but not much is working. Adam doesn’t even break a sweat pinning his scene partner. However, to be fair, it looks like Kodi actually is happy he “lost.” LOL! With the vanquished foe on his stomach. Adam rubs Kodi’s balls through the boxers. “You like grabbing those balls, don’t you,” Kodi asks. “Shut your mouth,” Adam replies. Kodi’s boxers are removed and Adam spits in the exposed hole. The “loser” even spreads his cheeks so all of the spit can slide where it needs to be.

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Dexter Graf and Duncan Tyler

Both Dexter Graf and Duncan Tyler will be experiencing firsts in today’s update. Dexter will pork a dude and Duncan will be the porkee. Our soon to be minted top has few concerns about how he will do because of the currency incentive.  “Money gets me hard,” Dexter says to the cameraman. As for the laconic Duncan, who made Seth bite the pillow in late summer, he offers two suggestions. “Go slow. Lots of lube,” Duncan suggests. The quiet ones always get to the heart of matters. :-)

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Paul Canon and Johnny Forza

Johnny Forza has a hole in his pants and Paul Cannon is out of work. Those mysteries start today’s update. For some reason Paul refuses to share the details of how he lost his job. He also disputes calling BSB multiple times. Not a problem for us. He’s here, sharing the couch with Johnny. What else matters? :) “I don’t even have words for it,” Paul says when asked how he feels about this return session. The boys strip to their undies and we get a preview of the lipstick tattoo touch up on Paul’s backside. “It just looks a little bit more realistic,” Paul observes. Johnny isn’t ready to have a lipstick tat, but that makes sense. Why screw around with a body that’s perfect?

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Johnny Forza and Brandon Beal

The BSB community will howl in protest after watching this update. Oh, it’s more than hot. Has Johnny Forza or Brandon Beal ever given an uninspired performance? However, this is Brandon’s official cherry getting popped scene, NOT the one we posted, at the end of September (he was paired with Denver). Sorry for the confusion. Blame it all on the writer (that’s me). Now to more pressing matters. The vid starts with both models, on the bed, in their underwear. Brandon is pitching a tent and Johnny’s second head is peeking through the slit of his underwear.  “I’m taking your flower,” Johnny slyly says. “I’m very excited, actually.

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Carter Blane and Kodi

Whenever Kodi is in the BSB studio, an angel gets his wings (grin). The fan favorite shares today’s scene bed with horse hung Carter Blane. It’s been too long since Carter’s last appearance. He’s back due to never ending bills. “Bills suck,” Kodi observes. Who can argue with that, especially when the words come out of such a sexy mouth? Both of these dudes are pros, so they strip rather quickly. The performers jerk their individual slabs, getting hard with ease. Kodi blows first and Carter moans the moment his head is licked.

“You like that,” Kodi asks. “You have such a big cock.” Kodi’s sweet mouth is stretched to the max. He can’t deep throat Carter’s monster, but licks it like an ice cone. Don’t miss the drool that slides out of Kodi’s mouth. He pulls up from his duties and jerks the meat. When he looks at Carter’s third arm, he’s mesmerized. Awed by its size, and possibly worried about the anal damage it will do?

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Broke Straight Boys: Johnny Forza and Damien Kyle

Here is the thing about life at BSB: it’s difficult to tell which performers will return. The ones you’re certain will come back never do and those who give a “one and done” vibe keep returning for more. Take Johnny Forza for example. In his solo, the New Jersey stud gave every indication that he was heading back to Springsteen land.  But look at him now! Johnny has since gone on to become one of Broke Straight Boys hottest regulars.

Back to Johnny! :-) His partner for this update is newbie Damien Kyle. Glad to see Damien is ready for a quick return. “I’m good to go,” Damien says when asked if he’s ready to suck dick. We all love a boy who is prepared. When the models take off their clothes, it’s impossible not to notice their physical differences. Johnny is a mass of muscles while Damien is slim. Both are wearing boxers and there is a friendly competition about who has the better pair. We’re willing to bet both would do well in a BSB auction. Just sayin…LOL


On a quick serious note, please donate cash to the Red Cross. Too many folk in the Garden State are trying to clean up after Hurricane Sandy.

Max Flint and Paul Canon

Paul Canon is back! And Max Flint is with him. How can you not be excited about that? Max describes what he’s been doing recently. Some of his time has been spent at Bonnaroo. Who knew such a funky event could be found in Manchester, Tennessee? Paul continues to make travelingto our studios exciting. For his first ever vid, there were car issues. Today, it was a number of flubbed connections. “Missed one bus,” Paul describes. “Then missed another bus. Then a train. And then I somehow weaseled my way over here.”

You will appreciate his effort because today Paul is set to do something he’s not done before: suck a dude’s dick. Who wouldn’t want to practicewith Max? The two lose everything, except their boxers. As the pro, it will be Max starting out with some pole loving. Hefeels his scene partner up, and soon enough a tent pops up in Paul’s boxers. “I like your boxers,” Max says.

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