Spencer, Sonny, Damien

Has anyone noticed how Damien has transformed into BSB’s pass around bottom? While he might not like the job, or title, the cute stud is at his best when his tight hole gets constantly used. In today’s vignette he’s the meat in a Spencer and Sonny sandwich. He and the Red Rocket kiss for a bit before the lads strip. When everyone is naked, Spencer turns all bossy.”Get on your knees,” he commands. “Suck my dick.”

Damien does what he’s told. Even if he didn’t want to, he has no choice because Sonny is holding his head.  The bottom turns his attention to Sonny’s rod. “You like that,” Spencer wonders.  Hard for Damien to answer with his throat filled. Damien returns to taking care of Spencer. “Fucking dick is huge,” Damien notes when he comes up for air.  That’s OK, Damien. We know you like things to be big. When he gets back to Sonny’s rod, Damien looks up to see if he’s doing it right. Sonny is more than pleased with the licks on his meat. Spencer wants more of that sweet mouth, and brings Damien back to him.

Our poor bottom boy is going to have some tired face muscles when it’s all done. :-) Spencer puts on a condom. “Get on my dick,” he orders as he gets on the bed.
Damien slowly sits down. Sonny stands over him, making sure the more pliable opening stays occupied. Damien can only grunt and moan as he gets it on both ends.
“Suck that dick,” Sonny says. Damien is all about making sure these studs get what they want. “Get on the floor,” Sonny demands. He guides Damien to the new location. Sonny sits in the chair, Damien gets on his hands and knees, and Spencer saddles up to the man hole. He grabs Damien’s ankle as he pounds that booty.

Damien would cry out, but his mouth is busy.”Look up,” Sonny orders.”Fuck that ass,” Damien says to Spencer. Don’t you love a bottom who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it? “I want you to fuck me,” Damien says to Sonny. As the newbie dons a condom, Spencer puts kisses on Damien’s mouth. A good top always gives a bottom some romance. Just ask Old Blue Eyes (Google the phrase, you youngsters!). Damien is put on his back. Sonny gets that sausage where it should be. Spencer takes a seat so the pass around bottom can suck some. “Suck his dick,” Sonny says. He’s pounding that Damien booty good. Spencer spits in the bottom’s mouth and then lets him suck on a finger.

“Fuck me,” Damien moans. All the fucking gets to Damien and he shoots jizz that hits the bottom of his neck. Sonny pulls out and stands over his prize. As for Spencer, he holds Damien’s mouth open. When Sonny shoots, his cum lands in the open wide mouth.As for Spencer, he makes sure to deposit his seed all over Damien’s face. “That was horrible,” Damien announces when everyone has calmed down. “You liked it,” Spencer notes.  Hard to disagree, no? LOL!

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Sonny Fucks Brandon Beal

Didn’t you smile when you saw Brandon Beal was in today’s update? Didn’t you get a woody after hearing the cameraman say the following to the hottie: “Any day Brandon gets fucked is a good day,” the cameraman observes. “For some people. Maybe not for you.” Can’t complain when Brandon tops, but let’s be honest. His azz is meant to be explored. So nice, round, and fully packed! LOL! While we might like Brandon putting his legs in the air, he has doubts. Especially considering the size of Sonny’s dick. Sonny is glad to be back.

He’s not been doing much. No lady love, alas.”Too single,” Sonny says. Brandon is having a “dry season” when it comes to the ladies, which is really crazy! What gal wouldn’t want to bed him? The two get out of their clothes and jump on the bed. Brandon sucks meat first, getting Sonny all excited. That tool stretches Brandon’s mouth to the max.”Oh, shit,” Brandon whispers. Sonny pushes Brandon’s head down, trying to make him take more cock. Brandon can only get half way down. “Damn. That’s big,” Brandon notes. Sucking noises fill the studio. Those and Sonny’s heavy breathing. Doesn’t Sonny look cute with his mouth open?

“Show me what you can do,” Brandon says. “That I will,” Sonny replies. Brandon gets on his hands and knees. Sonny puts on a condom and some lube. The moment his tool hits Brandon’s hole, the boy with the sweet booty begins to moan. “Damn that’s big,” Brandon whimpers.
Sonny long dicks from the start. Brandon takes every inch of the mighty shaft. He holds on the bed and holds on as Sonny fucks like a beast. “You like that tight little hole,” Brandon asks. “I love it,” Sonny answers. Who wouldn’t? LOL! Sonny grabs a pale butt cheek and pounds away. Brandon gets on his side, his own johnson stiff and hard. Sonny returns to breaking Brandon in. Brandon beats his meat as he  gets stuffed, a leg held in the air.

“Oh, my god,” he moans.The boys change positions one last time. Brandon’s legs straight in the air. Sonny grabs both calves and returns to fucking. “I love your tight ass,” Sonny notes. “Yeah? Fuck that ass, bro,” Brandon replies. Brandon demands to be be pounded and Sonny obliges. The bottom closes his eyes and let’s Sonny do what he likes. Soon enough, Brandon busts a nut. His man cream lands all over his stomach. “I like that,” Sonny says, as he keeps pumping away.

Finally, he takes his tool out and strokes for his load. Sonny’s jizz first strikes Brandon’s chest. “That was amazing,” Sonny says.”Yeah, I know. Right,” Brandon adds. Hard to disagree.

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Sonny Fucks Ian Dempsey

Apparently Ian got the short straw in the contest to see who would get stuffed by Sonny’s monster. Ian doesn’t look too pleased by the prospect, but could that be over acting?  Is there a bottom out there who wouldn’t want to ride Sonny’s stick? As for Sonny, he’s just thinking about one thing. “Try to stay hard,” he says to the cameraman when asked what’s on his mind.

The cameraman suggests one way to keep stiff is to fuck Ian hard. Maybe not good for Ian, but a visual treat for us!
The lads get nude and Ian gets on his knees. Ever since his first appearance, Ian has turned into a top-notch pole lover. He uses lots of spit, and likes to look in his scene partner’s face.

He works overtime to make Sonny happy. Ian’s own rod sticks out from all that sucking. Someone is excited. As for Sonny, he’s quiet. He does caress Ian’s locks as he gets serviced.  “It’s good,” Sonny says when the cameraman asks how things are going. Sonny sits on the bed and Ian gets back to work. His mouth is slightly open as Ian’s jaw muscles get a workout. The studio is filled with the sounds of Ian’s heavy breathing. Time for the main course. Sonny grabs a condom and Ian gets on the bed. He puts his legs in the air. Sonny saddles up and works his tool in. Watch Ian’s face. The poor lad is in shock. He bites his lip and grits the teeth. Sonny is too into that sweet ass to even care.

The strokes are balls deep, and the sound of flesh striking flesh gets louder. Ian’s hole is getting a makeover. He has to grab the edge of the bed to keep his balance.Our resident bottom boy is getting fucked right. “Oh, fuck that ass,” Ian whispers. He gets on his hands and knees and Sonny returns home. The stuffing is starting to get to Ian. He puts a hand on Sonny’s thigh to slow his top stud down. Sonny ignores the signal. He wants what’s his. Ian curses and grabs the sheets. There might be some pain, but his rod is sticking out. Ian’s joy button is getting mashed.

Sonny gets more lube, and Ian gets on his side. The fucking continues. Ian shoots, his cum covering the black sheets and his side. Sonny pumps away, depositing his load in the condom. “That was some good fucking,” the cameraman observes. Any disagreements?

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Sonny & Tristan Stiles

Tristan Stiles is sitting next to Sonny. You all remember Sonny. He’s the newbie with the 8 inch piece of meat swinging between his legs. Tristan needs to practice his sucking skills. As for Sonny, he needs to discover that dudes do it best when it comes the blow job. LOL! “I’m going to have to learn somehow,” Tristan says Apparently his blow job skills are not up to snuff. Dude uses too much teeth. You would think straight boys would know that molars on meat are never good. “I have big teeth,” Tristan notes.

Both boys have their money spent already. On bills. Because Sonny is a bit new to all of this, Tristan takes charge. He pulls the newbie’s shirt off and licks those tasty nipples. Sonny takes a seat, and Tristan hits his knees. He puts that tube in his mouth, even laps at the balls. Sonny’s sausage plumps from all the oral attention. Tristan has to breathe through his nose because all of that johnson is filling his throat.

Sonny strokes Tristan’s hair as his partner laps away. “He needs to go faster,” Sonny says when the cameraman wonders how Tristan is doing. Hard to be quick with all that meat in your mouth. LOL! Tristan’s tongue swirls all over Sonny’s bloated head. He needs to come up for air. Sonny lays on the couch, and Tristan gets naked. His eyes are wet from the effort. “That’s good,” Sonny says when Tristan returns to his duties.

He keeps his attention on the head, and jerks his own staff. Tristan busts a load all over his thigh with Sonny’s sausage in his mouth. He now is working overtime to make the newbie bust too. His mouth sucks on the meat and fingers Sonny’s little ass. Soon enough, all of this pushes Sonny to the point of no  return. He cums in Tristan’s mouth. The load lands on Tristan’s tongue and bottom lip. Tristan doesn’t swallow, but Sonny is pleased. “That was awesome,” Sonny says. Any disagreements?

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Introducing Sonny

Meet Sonny, our newest newbie. You have to adore a guy who includes beer pong as a hobby. And has an 8 inch dick.  He’s now free of any relationship obligations. His lady friend was sending naked pics of herself on her phone. Unfortunately, they weren’t being sent to Sonny.  He loves his abs, which makes sense. They are tasty. He has five tats, even one on his foot. He jerks off three times a day. Considering the size of his tool that seems about right.

Sonny loses the clothes and starts stroking it. His tube steak plumps, and goodness gracious! It is a big old thing! Sonny looks even cuter with his open mouth as he strokes his stuff. Those furtive glances to the camera are sure to make the bottoms out there swoon.  He stands up, and Sonny looks like he wants to bust soon. That mini club in his hands needs a warm mouth around it. Or tight butt hole.  He looks a bit scared when asked to show his booty hole.

Big dicked guys are like that. Those same guys always make the best bottoms. LOL! Sonny gets on his back, that sausage looking for its own zip code.  He gives his pink nuts a little tug. They need a warm tongue to bath them in spit juice. Sonny’s stroking picks up speed.

Poor sweetie so needs to nut. His balls jump up and down as his hand moves faster. The stud bites his lower lip, which makes him even more adorable than he is. Sonny’s man milk explodes out, landing on his chest and stomach. What should Sonny do next?

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