Paul Canon & Alan North

Look who has cut his locks? Paul Canon is rocking a new haircut as he interviews newbie Alan North. Mr. Canon finds out where Alan is originally from (Oakland, CA baby!) and what his hobbies are. Poor Paul is nervous because his job today is to guide the newbie. “Why don’t you tell me an interesting story as I’m about to suck your dick,” Paul says.
Alan tells a story of meeting a Chilean midget. She decided to give Alan road head. Who wouldn’t? However, she got on the driver’s side, under the steering wheel, and proceeded to take care of the hung stud.

All he had to to do was put the car in cruise control.”She could suck a mean dick,” Alan notes. Paul, wisely, doesn’t try to top that story. He does wonder why Alan is in the BSB studio. “Everybody’s motivator is money,” Alan says. An answer that Paul agrees with. “I suck dick, and I make money off of it,” he says.

Hard to argue with that. Paul adds it’s time for both both to get naked. While them talking is sexy as all get out, let’s get to the main event.  Paul keeps on his pants, while Alan gets naked. Alan takes a seat and Paul uses some mouth magic to get Alan’s tool hard. The magic does the trick because after some swipes, Alan’s tool is swollen.

“Swallow it,” he whispers. Paul does so. He then reaches into his pants to play with his own meat. Alan grabs the back of Paul’s head and pushes him down. Someone is getting a taste of pubes.  “You like that big assed dick,” Alan asks as Paul comes up for air. The newbie takes control, making sure Paul swallows everything. Paul finally get his pants off. Slurping and heavy breathing sounds fill the studio. Alan pays close attention to his scene partner, making sure that tongue covers the entire shaft.

Paul mouth is filled with spit and pre-cum. He barely comes up to breathe. Well, he can’t really with Alan pushing his head down.  Alan’s face is a mix of wonder and pleasure. Wonder if the Chilean gal sucked like this?  Paul works hard to make the newbie have a big old bang. He alternates from deep throating to jerking. “Just like that,” Alan whispers. Paul follows orders, slurping and lapping away. Alan’s toes start to curl. “I’m going to cum,” Alan groans. He stands up and jerks his tool in front of Paul’s open mouth. That uncut tool blasts a load all over Paul’s tongue. Paul gives the spent rod some licks, and strokes jizz out of his own sausage. Paul wonders where he ranks compared to the Chilean gal, and Alan says he’s fourth! Paul is a little miffed, but will probably get over it.

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Alan North & Paul Canon

Alan North Shows Off

Meet Mr. Alan North. A military man. “No one joins the army to get rich,” he says to the cameraman. This isn’t the first time he’s been in front of the camera. When he was a soldier, he used to make personal videos for his lady friend.

He likes it all, from drinking, football (Alan is a Raiders fan) to video games. His sexual history is pretty “interesting.” Alan shares a story that will make you love peanuts. Another lady friend was next to him, both naked. Alan was eating peanuts, put one in her booty hole, sucked it out, and ate it. “She didn’t have a problem with it,” Alan says to the cameraman with a laugh. As Alan takes off his clothes he confesses getting tats is his “sweet addiction.”

He starts stroking his uncut tool, and the “little Alan” starts to plump. The stud grabs his nuts as he jerks his hefty meat. Alan makes it to the bed, pointing his dick to the camera. He keeps his stroking focused on his pink head, pulling the foreskin over it. He strokes his chest and keeps one hand on his smooth stomach.

Alan closes his eyes and licks his lips. Someone is getting close to popping. Heck, his pole is getting a little bigger. The jerking pace picks up, with a hand under those delicious nuts. “I’m going to cum,” he whispers. He does. The man milk shoots up and lands all over his hand and foreskin.  What do you think?

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