TIMFuck Exclusive: KEER and JASON

Keer really knows how to treat his boys. He starts by priming Jason’s hole with his tongue and fingers, readying him for the anal assault to come. Looking athletic in his jock strap and tube socks, Jason can’t resist the pull of Keer’s massive cock and frees it for a loving blowjob. Spurred on by the sight of Jason on all fours, Keer teases and taunts Jason’s hole with his dick before he begins to penetrate it for real with his huge tool. At first Keer fucks him slowly and gently to stretch him out. Once he’s got Jason’s asshole nice and open, Keer drills him deeply and leisurely, enjoying the ride. Jason’s moans are testament to Keer’s cocksmanship. Plugging that beautiful, round ass finally gets to be too much for Keer, who is eager to bust his nut. He withdraws his fuck-stick and squeezes out gobs of jizz, scoring a perfect bulls-eye on the well-screwed hole. Then he shoves the fat prick back inside Jason to milk the last remaining drops from his throbbing trouser-snake.

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Denver fucks Jason

Today Broke Straight Boys offers a Gay Pride treat: studio stalwarts Jason and Denver. You”ll be hard pressed to find two models who garner as much enthusiasm. Hard not to groove to them. Aside from being easy on the eyes, both have enough charm to light up a small city. Jason tells a Long Beach Pride story. Warning: if you ever meet these two, expect be told they are legal eagles (grin). Seems like Denver earned the affections of a certain Asian lass, who apparently had no problem with his extracurricular activities. Can you blame her? Name a person who would kick Denver, or Jason, out of the bedroom? Those who say yes, please find a priest and confess to fibbing.

The two pros quickly drop the clothes; Jason gets on his knees first, and Denver lies on the bed. “Getting naked. Going to suck some wee-wee,” Denver notes to his scene partner. Isn’t Denver too old to be uttering the phrase “wee-wee” (grin)? “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby,” Jason retorts. Did Jason steal that from a 50-Cent movie (smile)? No matter where he got it from Jason starts his job with verve, making sure his nose is pressed against Denver’s pubes. The camera zooms around and we get a great shot of Jason’s melon and Denver’s expression of joy.

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Hot straight boy Blake Bennet fucks Jason

The rather shy Blake Bennet is back in the studio, and this time, he is joined by the always willing and able Jason. Right off the mark, Jason promised that he would be indulging Blake some hot sex. Blake could only grin at that remark and tell Jason to go for it. Instantly, Jason took it as a personal challenge, leaning right in and surprising Blake with a passionate kiss. However, Blake wasn’t one to back down and instead, gave just as good as he got. While Jason broke off the snogging only to take off his black t-shirt, Blake looked as if he had just had his mind blown.

Once his pesky top was off, Jason dived back in to continue Blake’s education, something that Blake obviously didn’t mind at all. Taking the imitative, Jason helped Blake remove his t-shirt, Blake grinning widely when Jason stated that he liked to get down to the brass tacks. In between some hot and heavy kissing, Blake’s belt was quickly undone and his pants taken off and thrown to the floor, leaving Blake completely naked. Jason had things in hand as he grasped Blake’s cock and slowly ran his hand up and down the stiffening shaft, all the while; Blake was massaging Jason’s cock through the tracksuit pants.A moment later, Jason’s pants hit the floor, Blake leaning over and swallowing down Jason’s hard cock.


Broke Straight Boys – Brandon and Jason

Brandon is back in the studio, along with the ever popular Jason. While Brandon isn’t too keen on trying out the oral aspect of guy on guy sex himself, he is very curious as to whether Jason will be able to fulfill a fantasy of his; having his dick deepthroated. As soon as Jason heard this, he took it as a personal challenge and said he would do his best. The two boys stood up, Jason taking off his t-shirt before helping Brandon take off his striped tank top. Jason then went on to undo Brandon’s jeans, pulling his dick out from the confines of the tight denim and gently playing with it.

Brandon wasn’t too sure what to think about another boy groping his goods but was obviously willing to go with the flow and try new things. A moment later, Jason knelt and pulled Brandon’s jeans off completely. Hopping back up onto the bed, the boys sat side by side, Jason still clad in his jeans while Brandon was completely naked. With a tight grip on Brandon’s cock, Jason slowly pumped the stiffening shaft. As Jason encouraged the cock to stand to attention, Brandon couldn’t help but watch even as he admitted that it felt pretty good.


Broke Straight Boys – Jason & Bradley

Two Hot Straight Guys

Two Hot Straight Guys

Jason has appeared on Broke Straight Boys before, but since his last time here things have not gone so well for him. He broke his ankle and the resulting medical bills have him hurting for cash again. As luck would have it the hot Bradley had also been calling the office looking for a chance to earn a few dollars by coming in and shooting another scene. It didn’t take a genius to realize that putting these two together could be very hot.

The guys pulled off their shirts as they sat on the bed and got comfortable. Neither one of the guys is shy so it didn’t take long before their pants and underwear were off and they were pulling on their cocks and getting themselves hard. Jason took everyone in the room by surprise when he leaned over and swallowed Bradley’s cock down his throat. This straight guy sucked such good cock that he was able to deep throat it and get Bradley rock hard in a matter of minutes.

Straight Guy Deep Throats

Straight Guy Deep Throats

Bradley returned the favor as he had Jason lay back and gave him some amazing head. Jason’s cock was throbbing hard so he rolled Bradley over onto his side and slowly eased his cock into Bradley’s tight ass. Thrusting into him felt amazing. This straight guy loves pussy, but he is starting to realize just how good it feels to fuck a guy in the ass. Bradly rolled over onto his back so the two could kiss while Jason fucked him.

Jason wanted to pound that ass so he put Bradley on all fours, grabbed his hips and dropped the hammer on him. He slammed that ass for all he was worth, drilling him like there was no tomorrow. Bradley matched him stroke for stroke as the two guys hammered into each other, their bodies slapping together. As Jason came he pulled out and shot his load all over Bradley’s well fucked ass. Bradley was so turned on he grabbed his dick, stroked it a few times and erupted like a volcano.

Straight Guys Fucking

Straight Guys Fucking


Boy Gusher Jason And Mick




I got lucky on a local chat room and Jason and Mick came by the apartment to show me what they can do in the flesh. I was thrilled they agreed to come to the apartment and work those sexy bodies for me and my camera. This is what unfolded while I watched. They sat on the futon and Mick went right to Jason’s pants and began to pull his cock out and jerk on it getting Jason rock hard. Jason then leaned over and began to lick and nibble on Mick’s nipples.

When Mick goes back to gobbling on Jason’s hard cock things get interesting. Jason moans and pushes his head down on that big dick until he is almost deep throating it. These guys know to tease, he stops Mick and helps him take his pants off and reaches in to pull out his raging hard-on stuffing it into his mouth.

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College Boy Physicals Jason And Mick


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

It has come to our attention that the student that works part-time in our clinic doing some cleaning work, has been doing a bit more then just cleaning these days. I was out of the office and it was late. I was told that Mick stopped by the clinic because his leg/knee was hurting him badly and he couldn’t wait for the specialist so he rushed over to the clinic. What I understand was that Jason, the guy that cleans our clinic at night, told Mick to sit on the exam table and started speaking to him about his leg and tried to help in out. Jason somehow convinced Mick to take off his pants so he can check out his leg and told Mick that he can help. (MORE)


Mick was so innocent believes Jason and proceeded to take off his pants. Mick at this point was on the exam table wearing only his t-shirt and tighty whities while Jason took out the rubber hammer to test Micks knee. He tested his knee and Mick was in pain. Mick then picks up a test bottle that contains a certain aroma that can knock you out. Jason claims he warned Mick not to touch anything but Mick ignored him and took a small sniff of the aroma. Jason then took the bottle away from him telling him not to sniff anymore of the aroma that it can be dangerous. (MORE)


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Broke College Boys – Jason And Rusty




Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. Sit back and get ready to see one of the kinkiest updates to Broke College Boys that we have had. Today I had Jason and Rusty with me in the bedroom and they both are short on cash as is normal around this house. During my interview with the guys I found out that Jason almost got bit by a rattlesnake during his run today. He says he jumped a mile when he saw that rattlesnake. I pointed out where the hospital was just in case it happens again. Rusty states he is still unemployed and trying to find money for his tuition. He is studying psychology and there is definitely tons of extra credit for work on these guys. Then Jason found a pair of handcuffs and I had to find out where or what he was doing for that. He mentions some cute guys that he had in here earlier.

Jason quickly snaps one on Rusty and I suggest that Jason handcuff Rusty up and make sure that he doesn’t break any rules. Rusty has fears of being tied up and I told him it was time to face his fears and get over them. I offered them five hundred dollars each for Jason to have his way with Rusty. Then Jason stated he’d do it for one grand. It took Rusty a bit of time, but he decided to face his fears and do it. I told Jason to enjoy him and away they went. Jason had a lot of fun with this he teased Rusty over and over again pinning him down and licking his cock and fondling it until it was rock hard. He had him out of his pants in no time. He left his undies and shoes on for the moment and teased Rusty’s pierced dick with his tongue and hand.

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