Benjamin Dover Bends Over

Brandon Evans Fucks Benjamin Dover

Brandon Evans Fucks Benjamin Dover

I knew Ben Dover’s nickname would get him in trouble eventually. The time has come for to take some cock and who better to deliver it than Brandon Evans. I’ve missed Brandon and I can’t think of a better welcome back gift than some warm ass. Brandon gets things heated by massaging Benjamin’s dick through his boxers. He then teases it by pulling it out and running his tongue up and down the thick shaft.

Benjamin grabs Brandon’s ass while he gets his dick sucked and deepthroated by Brandon. I think Benjamin forgot that he’s the one getting fucked today; or maybe he’s just addicted to nice asses like me. When Brandon wants some head he gets in position and 69s with Benjamin. While Benjamin is giving Brandon oral he’s getting his asshole fingered by Brandon, getting his entrance ready for what’s about to come. Finally, Brandon gets up and gets Benjamin into position.

Brandon slowly slides his dick into Benjamin’s ass, letting the virgin ass adjust to the size of it before fucking him harder and deeper. As he batters his ass, his balls slap against Benjamin’s ass.  Benjamin’s legs are spread wide apart as he takes the cock without complaint. Brandon keeps him on his back as he takes advantage of his hot wet ass until he blows his load. Brandon jerks his own dick hard and fast, kissing Brandon until he’s busting a nut all over himself!

Brandon Evans Fucks Benjamin Dover

Slicked Up – Josh Conners -amp; Woody Fox

Bearded Woody Fox is sexually imposing in his black harness and skin-tight black shorts. Josh Conners shows off his kink, wearing open-assed athletic shorts and a yellow-lined harness. The two geared up studs make out and grope each other's sculpted bodies. Josh pulls out Woody's throbbing cock through the fly in his black shorts and gets to work on a spit-slick blowjob. After savoring Josh's lips on his dick, Woody gets behind Josh and shoves his face deep in Josh's crack. With his tongue and fingers, Woody explores Josh's delicious ass, and Josh moans and shudders with erotic delight. With Josh already in doggy style position, Woody makes his entrance, shoving his thick meat into Josh's tight hole. Gripping Josh's harness, Woody slaps Josh's ass as he thrusts. Maneuvering into missionary position and taking the sex to the max, Josh's pleasure reaches a climax, and he blasts his load while getting fucked. Woody pulls out and shoots his cum on Josh's stomach.

Strong-Armed 2 – Justin Lake -amp; Ken Houser

Justin Lake digs his tongue into Anglo top Ken Houser's sweet ass, taking time to lick Houser's nut sack and suck on his meaty bone. Houser has bigger plans for Lake and after basking in the glow of a hard ball sucking, he bends him over and begins pumping his ass. But feed Lake a cock and he'll want a fist, as the hungry bottom proves in a sublime fisting session. At points, Lake's eyes roll back in his head as Houser spreads him wide and, with an extra helping of grease, takes the full fury of Houser's arm. Lake moans in ecstasy as he and Houser climax together, Houser's fist still buried inside.

Trouble With My Jock-strap – Ethan Slade -amp; Aiden Ward

Aiden and Ethan are about to hit the gym but Aiden just bought a jock-strap and has never used one so he's having some trouble putting it on. Lucky for him Ethan wears them all the time and knows exactly what to do. For one thing Aiden has a hard dick and is trying to shove it in which won't work so Ethan pulls out his cock and starts to such his big fat dick. These two sexy Latino's are smooth with big dicks that each one gets to suckle on but Aiden gets to fuck Ethan's sexy smooth hole. They swap some sexy BJs and Aiden licks Ethan's ass until he's ready to be fucked by that thick cock of Aiden's. That sexy dick pounds Ethan's eager hole until both of them are ready to explode and they both cum huge loads all over the place. The plan was to empty Aiden's balls so he could shove his limp dick back into the jock-strap.<br/><br/>Enjoy!

The Cock In Our Twinks

It's not all sweetness and innocence for these horny young twinks. The sugar addicts are hopped up and buzzing, ready for some horny action with each other in these five tasty scenes, with boys sucking on more than just lollipops as they gobble on each others stiff dicks, rimm out their hairless puckers and plunge their meaty morsels into a friend! We never knew that sugary treats could be such an impressive aphrodisiac, but if these horny pairings are anything to go by all those delicious treats satisfy more than just a sweet tooth, they're the best kind of cock-fuel and lead to a stickier finish than you might expect!

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We never knew that sugary treats could be such an impressive aphrodisiac, but if these horny pairings are anything to go by all those delicious treats satisfy more than just a sweet tooth.

Stars: Dustin Cooper Robbie Anthony

Studio Name: PornPlays GayLifeNetwork

Skin Contact

Forget the jokes and innuendos scientifically, the skin is the largest organ of the human body, and its no fucking wonder that its integral to the hottest, most satisfying sex. Something the likes of STAXUS favorites, Joshua Levy, Jaro Stone and Milan Sharp are only too happy and eager to demonstrate to the new boy in town, Jeffery Lloyd. Coupled with returning cock-fiend, Kris Blent, this is one sensual, cum-inducing escapade that will leave every inch of your flesh tingling for more. Your well-stretched foreskin included!

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Forget the jokes and innuendos – scientifically, the skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it’s no fucking wonder that it’s integral to the hottest, most satisfying sex.

Studio Name: Staxus