Austin Drilled

Brice Jones And Austin Andrews Raw

Brice Jones And Austin Andrews Raw

Austin may be in for a treat or for some pain depending on how easily his hole can stretch. Brice has been wrecking tight asses left and right. Let’s see how Austin’s holds up.

The boys start off my making out, something Brice is still getting used to. After removing their shirts, they lay back on the bed where Austin alternates from kissing Brice’s lips and his chest. Brice makes sure that Austin finds his cock by quickly getting rid of his jeans. Austin works on getting Brice meat nice a erect. His oral talents help him handle that task with ease. He damn near inhales the thing with excitement. As Austin blows him, Brice sneaks his hand down his jeans and plays with his asshole.

“You ready for this dick?”, Brice asks before getting up and getting his dick and Austin’s ass slick with lube. Austin takes a deep breath as Brice pushing his large prick in his hole. Once he’s in Brice starts to fuck Austin’s ass like its a loose pussy. He drills deeper and deeper with each thrust making Austin beg for more. No pain here, Austin is getting treated to some grade A cock! He’s not the only one getting a treat though, Austin’s luscious ass has Brice moaning as well. Brice put Austin into various position, ensuring that they both get to experience each other in different angles. Take a look!

Brice Jones And Austin Andrews Raw

Ripped – Gavin Waters -amp; Dorian Ferro

Lean and athletic Gavin Waters is readily on his knees sucking the cock of sun-kissed stud Dorian Ferro. Gavin licks his way to a standing position, slurping up the salty perspiration that glistens on Dorian's chest. They slap their uncut cocks together, then Dorian stoops to give Gavin a brief but deep blow job before giving Gavin his ass. They move in tandem, in a repeating cycle of push-withdraw-push back. Dorian's hole moves in every direction as he bounces on Gavin's throbbing cock. Gavin's hefty load shoots across the room in rapid spurts. Dorian captures the last of them in his mouth as he shoots his own load onto his abs.

Sperm Donation – Robert Axel -amp; Christian Taylor

Christian is going door to door asking for school donations when he comes across an encounter he thought would never happen. He knocks on the door just like all the other doors he's been pounding on today. Robert is on the couch when he hears his doorbell. He's not expecting anybody so he's been relaxing in his undies stroking his massive cock. He goes to the door in his boxers and sees little Christian standing their telling him about donations for school. All Robert can think off is fucking all the holes this College kid has to offer. Robert invites him inside to help with the donation but when he comes back with money he drops a condom and being the nice kid Christian is he bends down to pick it up and when he lifts his head the first thing he sees is a hard cock waiting for his mouth. He's shocked yet excited but also scared he could get into trouble. Robert assures him that if he sucks his dick he will be very generous with his donation. Christian forgets his troubles and takes the meat deep into his willing mouth. Robert is a beast of a man, smooth, dark and hung. He loves the feel of his cock in Christian's mouth but now wants to feel his small smooth ass wrapped around his hard dick. He takes him back into his bedroom where he goes balls deep and pounds the College boy to submission. <br></br>Enjoy!

Kyle’s Turn

Zander Floyd Fucks Kyle Porter Raw

Zander Floyd Fucks Kyle Porter Raw

Like his brother, Kyle is back to experience some man on man action for the first time. But unlike his bro, Kyle won’t be on the top bunk…he’ll be on the bottom. He’s in good hands though. He’s been paired up with Zander Floyd and to my surprise, he seems excited.

Zander turns to Kyle and they begin by kissing and snatching their clothes off. Zander makes his way down to Kyle’s crotch and puts the newbie’s cock into his mouth. Zander is a great cocksucker, something that Kyle looks pleased to be discovering. Zander swallows the shaft all the way down to the balls. The boys switch places and Kyle returns the favor. He treats Zander the way he was treated by taking his cock all the way down to Kyle’s pubes.

With his cock nice and hard, Zander puts Kyle on the bed and spreads his ass apart before sliding his hot pole into Kyle’s virgin ass raw. Kyle turns red in the face but he’s clearly enjoying himself. Zander uses his cock to plow and loosen Kyle’s hot hole before putting him on all fours. Zander my not be the most natural top but he certainly does a great job pummeling Kyle from behind! Watch how sticky things get once these two are done.

Zander Floyd Fucks Kyle Porter Raw

VIP – After Hours – Sebastian Kross -amp; Addison Graham

Addison Graham wants to be the pole on the stage where Sebastian Kross is dancing. He slips $100 into Sebastian's briefs, which earns him the right to sniff Sebastian's nuts, then hook up after hours in the VIP lounge. That's fine with Addison, whose wad of crispy Benjamins earns him nonstop action. Sebastian tears off Addison's clothes while they make out, and Addison never lets go of Sebastian's fat cock. Except for Sebastian's sprawling colorful tattoos, their smooth, muscular bodies are well matched, and both have dark wavy hair. Still holding Sebastian by the cock, Addison pulls it into his mouth. Sebastian swivels and sways as if he were still on stage, turning so Addison can eat his ass, too. Fully horned up to fuck, Sebastian sucks Addison briefly then drives his cock into him, doggy style. More positions follow, with the pile of bills growing thinner and both men getting a sensuous body workout. Without warning, cum flows from Addison's cock. Sebastian sprays his load all over Addison's drenched torso as Addison grabs him by the dick one more time to lap up the final drops.

Hardcore Fans – Trey Turner -amp; Daxton Ryder

Trey and Daxton are some hardcore fans so every time there is a game they paint themselves up to full immerse themselves. Daxton isn't quite sure if he wants to do it this time around but Trey is having no buts about it and paints himself and Daxton. While painting Daxton's chest Trey gets a little touchy which throws Daxton off but his cock is becoming hard and Trey is on his knees painting when he notices the bulge. Trey goes from painting to caressing which is pretty sneaky cause than Daxton's cock is deep in Trey's mouth sucking and playing with his balls. Daxton is fully invested in this moment and wants to return the favor so they both strip down and Daxton gets to lick and stroke Trey's big cock. They can't take too long playing around in the locker room so Trey starts to fuck Daxton up against the lockers and on the bench legs up ready to bust his nut. Trey fucks the nut right out of him which than sets Trey off to unleash his built up cream all over Daxton's chest. <br><br>Enjoy!

Howlers – Dylan Strokes -amp; Adrian Alvarez

Adrian Alvarez, a dark-haired, olive-skinned stud, is on his knees getting his face fucked by the atletic Dylan Strokes. Both hunks are toned and smooth. Bearded and bald Dylan wears a harness that's attached to a cock ring, serving a large helping of nuts. He howls in praise of Adrian's oral work. Adrian straddles a padded platform that puts his ass at Dylan's mercy. Dylan compliments Adrian's ass while he eats and fingers it, taunting him with visions of the fisting that's about to begin. Bringing out the gloves and lube, Dylan begins to drill, four fingers at a time. Adrian's hole opens, sucking in Dylan's fist. A slow alternation of left/right/left encourages Adrian's ass to bloom pink. Adrian rocks back and forth in counterpoint to Dylan's piston-like fisting. Kneeling upright, Adrian lowers himself, using gravity to assist the penetration until Dylan's arm is inserted to the forearm. Dylan starts jacking himself. They separate and kiss, and Adrian sucks out Dylan's load.

Toolbox 2 – Jerek -amp; Michael Soldier

AVN's Gay Best Actor of 2004, Raging Stallion's exclusive Michael Soldier, is a fisting pro. He is also a massage therapist, so he really knows the inside and out of muscle relaxation and satisfaction. And who better than Bottom Boy Jerek to take some handball therapy? First Soldier warms Jerek up with a jaw-dropping dildo prelude that sends both men into ecstasy. But Jerek's hole remains unsatisfied. You know how these bottoms can be! So Soldier takes off the gloves and goes in for some attentive service. The fisting that ensues is surely stunning, making Jerek fire huge globs of cum out of his engorged cock. Good Job Soldier!

Fire and Ice – Sean Zevran -amp; Chris Bines

A-Team Exclusives Chris Bines and Sean Zevran start to heat things up with some heavy spit swapping. It's not long before the make out session leads to throat poundings and intense rimming in a fiery 69. Chris is on top stroking and sucking Sean's uncut cock to its base repeatedly. Below, Sean can't stop devouring Chris' hole, prepping it for a proper pounding. Sean bends Chris over and slides his cock all the way into Chris' willing ass making sure he's as deep as he can go. Chris is a champion bottom, taking everything Sean can throw his way in multiple positions to ensure that his hole is stretched in every possible way. Ending up on his back with one leg in the air, Chris oozes his creamy load onto his hand. He looks into Sean eyes and urges 'shoot that load,' sending Sean over the edge - his hot cum busting all over Chris' cock and balls.