TIMFuck Exclusive: CHRISTIAN and TYLER

Tyler has been a fan of notorious cumwhore and T.I.M. exclusive Christian for years. When Christian got his first look at Tyler’s long, curved dick, the admiration became mutual–and Christian just had to show his appreciation right away. He gets to his knees and wraps his lips around Tyler’s meat, but it’s not long before Tyler takes total control, thoroughly pounding Christian’s face. The facefucking isn’t enough for either guy, and soon enough Christian’s hole is impaled on Tyler’s weapon of ass destruction. After a break for a taste of his own ass on Tyler’s pole, Christian gets pinned to the bed and fucked mercilessly. Not that he wants mercy: even after Tyler packs Christian’s ass with his load, the ever-hungry cumslut can’t help begging for more jizz.

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Boy Gusher – Tyler And Derek




Tyler loves coming to my house. I think he has an addiction to voyeurism and exhibitionism. This time he brought a cute friend, and who am I to say no to a cute and horny guy like Tyler. Tyler brought Derek a seriously cute twink that was more than willing to jerk on Tyler as I took some footage. It didn’t take long before Derek had Tyler’s cock out of those fruit of the looms and into his hand. Tyler’s cock is so big it was hard for Derek to wrap his hand around it at first, but he managed and with lube in hand he began to really stroke that dick. Tyler enjoyed the sensations and couldn’t keep from bucking his pelvis as Derek continued to stroke and jerk his dick. Once Derek had those undies all the way off, he grabbed that dick with 2 hands and started to really jerk it as Tyler’s moans got louder and louder. Tyler exploded his load pretty fast with Derek’s superior hand work; it is easy to see why. That load explodes high and covers Tyler’s chest, his face and my bed, what an explosion of cum and lust.

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Boy Gusher – Diesel And Tyler




Tyler makes my day over and over again. He knows that I love to capture boys stroking, jerking and sucking on each other, so he brings Diesal over to the house and gets him nude in my ruckus room. I think my eyes bout left their sockets when I saw the size of the meat that Diesal was packing. Holy fuck! Take a look at that thick, rock hard dick. Tyler has a hard time getting his mouth all the way around it so he can suck it while he jerks on it. At first Diesal looks uncomfortable with me and my camera there watching as Tyler sucks on his dick. Then he stops thinking about the camera and focuses on what Tyler is doing and he is in 7th heaven. Tyler is the king of deep throating and he shows Diesal exactly what he can do with his mouth, before he goes back to jerking and stroking on his dick.

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Boy Gusher – Tyler And Zack




Today we are in for a treat, we have Tyler again from Broke Straight Boys making an appearance in my house on camera. I love this boy, and it seems that a lot of you guys do too. Tyler didn’t waste any time he begin jerking and sucking on Zach fast and furiously. Zach got hard immediately from Tyler’s expert mouth and hand action. He then began to reach over and rub Tyler’s dick through his underwear and Tyler began to get hard as well. Tyler slipped off his undies and these boys went into a sixty-nine position so that they both could lick and suck on each other. They licked and sucked on each other until Tyler had to get up and rub his cock against Zach’s.

Tyler jerked some more on Zach’s cock as Zach jerked on his. You could tell he really wanted to ram that dick inside Zach’s hot ass, but knows that we only go for the jerk and suck action here at BG so he calmed himself down a bit and began to jerk the shit out of Zach’s dick. At this point Tyler is jerking both his and Zach’s cock. Zach adds his hands to the mixture and those cocks are being jerked together. Those dicks look great stuck together as both boys jerk on them together. It is really beautiful to watch this jerk job and Tyler is so excited he shoots a huge load all over Zach an then Zach follows his lead and mixes his cum with Tyler’s on his stomach.

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Boy Gusher – Tyler And Ethan




What can I say, I know the nastiest guys around. I met these guys online and you might have recognized Tyler from previous updates. I asked them if they wanted to get together for some after hours fun and they met me at a local hotel. Ethan went right to work on Tyler’s pants and chest. He fondled him and played with that dick in his pants until it was hard and he had to get those shorts off. The bulge in those white undies was quite a sight to see. Tyler just lies back and enjoys the pleasure that Ethan is giving him. As I watched I wondered when Tyler would jump up and latch on to Ethan and as I was thinking that he did just that. He helped him out of his shirt and then bean to unbuckle his pants and stick his hand inside to play with his cock. He took it out quickly though to help him take off his jeans.

Now I have the boys just where I want them in the room in just their undies. Tyler goes right to work on that cock and begins to nibble at it from outside his undies. He soon has them peeled down a bit and his mouth is sucking on that dick. Then he pushes Tyler over on the bed and begins to suck on his hard cock for real. He helps Ethan out of his undies and then Ethan helps Tyler out of his undies by licking and sucking on his dick as he squeezes his package from outside his undies. As Tyler begins to moan Ethan helps him out of his undies slowly, but surely as he gobbles that hard dick. Ethan soon kneels next to Tyler so that Tyler can suck on his dick as Ethan jerks on Tyler’s meat. Tyler really looks like he is enjoying his dick as he continues to stuff it deep in his mouth over and over again. It isn’t long until these two go into a sideways sixty-nine position where they can both suck and finger each other.

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Boy Gusher – Four Way Suck-A-Thon




Aiden, Tyler, William and Neo were all lying in bed watching a porno that I put in so that they could get in the mood. It wasn’t long until they were rubbing those cocks inside their undies. That was a definite plus for me; I have a huge undies fetish if you don’t know. I enjoyed watching them as they stroked their dicks inside their underwear. As the movie plays and the guys begin to touch their dicks in their briefs. Neo can’t stop rubbing his hand up and down Aiden’s leg. Aiden then rubs Neo’s back while William begins to touch Tyler’s thigh. Neo slowly rolls over to suck Aiden’s cock as he slipped it through his underwear.

William took Tyler’s cock and began to suck it watching as Neo sucks on Aiden’s cock. That really turned him on and he wanted his own dick to suck. Tyler just laid back and enjoyed that mouth on his dick and when Aiden turned to him he kissed him giving him some tongue before leaning back and enjoying more of what Tyler was doing to him. Neo and Aiden really got into the mood and turned to give each other’s cock love in a sixty-nine position. (MORE)

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